Proximity plays a key role in any business. As things stand at present, where the geographical limitations can be subdued to a great extent by advanced digital means; the nearness between the manufacturers and their potential customers are nevertheless deemed more efficient than the former. This was an interesting fact that inspired Seattle Aviation Solutions to step out of the boundaries to embark on an innovative mission in one of the major Middle East countries, Turkey. 

Considering the magnified probability of finding new prospects in international markets, SAS established branch offices in Turkey and warehouses in the MENA region to support the patrons who seek Airplane spare parts, Avionics, and Airplane Expendables of top quality, at rates that are never too hard on their budgets. It has to be mentioned that this strategy of growing business through expansion has earned us better brand visibility in Asian as well as European countries in the very short term. 

Airplane spare parts, Avionics, and Airplane Expendables

Being the emerging aviation hub at the intersection of Europe and Asia, the country is met with relentless requisites for specified products varying from King Air spares including King Air 300 spares and King Air 200 spares to Global Spare parts that are in buoyant demand at present and down the pike. While focusing on the new customers from MENA and UAE, we recognized a new pattern taking shape where the requests for rare aircraft equipment became manifest. 

We further expanded our depot in the country to accommodate more and more equipment and parts, particularly, Aviation consumables & chemicals, Aircraft batteries & windows, etc. from our distribution partners PWI, Bombardier, Textron, Lee Aerospace. We also derived airplane safety Equipment like Aviation Beacons, lights, and ELTs from the eminent equipment manufacturers, ACR Electronics, to ensure complete safety of the passengers as well as pilots during the flights.

It’s an undeniable fact that the initiation of operations in a foreign market has not only bestowed us with great opportunities to grow and diversify but also helped us to find our niche in the air industry. Extending our airplane parts supply and services to this new market, we laid the groundwork to connect with fresh buyers day by day which seamlessly led to increased sales. By introducing modern and unique products from our dealers, we managed to create an impact among the aircraft operators by contributing quality items and services, suiting their needs.

Two engineers working on aircraft

Focusing more on Turkey, one can see that the country simply remains the focal point of the world. From Istanbul Airport, you can fly to pretty much everywhere. And the land being a tourism paradise, plenty of tourists visit the country every day, which is more than enough to point out the significance of the air industry there. Easy accessibility and fast delivery of aircraft equipment are a must for the industry’s growth and so far, SAS has been successful in providing them both.
Setting up a novel division in Turkey has gained us substantial business recognition which in turn became an inspiration to develop further so that we can provide complete aviation support, in the best possible way, for our clients over there.