Emergencies are unpredictable. They could happen anywhere at any given time. Yet when it takes place thirty-six thousand feet above the ground, in mid-air with no immediate assistance to lean on, things can get pretty intense. 

For this reason, airplanes and helicopters need high-performing safety measures that guarantee 100% activity in the time of need. This is especially true for aircraft breathing equipment which is the only lifeline the crew and the passengers can depend on at the time to avoid incapacitation. Even a minute technical issue with the masks would be more than enough to push the whole situation from bad to worse once the pressurization system inside the airplane fails. Hence, it is of paramount importance that you choose only the best aeration systems to safeguard your lives during flight emergencies.

Aviation oxygen system and accessories from aerox

Being the leading designers and manufacturers of aviation oxygen systems & accessories in the air industry, Aerox takes extra care while manufacturing their products. 

It is clear that the occupants of an aircraft would require masks almost instantly to cope with the sudden drop in oxygen levels. Typically, the duration of the oxygen supply is less than 15 minutes by the time the pilot should securely land the plane; however, in most cases, this short time is not sufficient to perform a safe landing.

Aerox products utilize modified medical use cannula in their systems, which offers a duration of 6 times that of a standard cannula. This long-duration equipment keeps passengers and flight crew conscious and alert longer while the crew makes the emergency descent.

Aerox holds various PMA, STC, and TSO approvals for their equipment. They provide portable and built-in aviation breathing devices for fixed-wing aircraft as well as helicopters. Additionally, they subject the aircraft breathing apparatus to various quality tests and performance analysis before the products are made available in the market. 

All masks are compliant with FAA TSO-C103 that provides a continuous flow of breathable air for pilots and passengers between FL18 and FL25 when the use is inevitable. They are primarily made of silicone, operating at temperatures +20F to 120F, and come with fixed or flow adjustable mechanisms. 

Aerox has been creating innovative solutions for airplane ventilation requirements in the air industry since 1981. Their trademarked product remains the only high-duration oxygen system on the market today. Seattle Aviation Solutions offers a comprehensive line of stock Aerox breathing equipment, parts, and accessories for general and business aviation, helicopters, and EMS. We also have high-efficient Cylinders/ Filter Block/Outlet Manifold Assemblies, Pressure Transducers, Pull Cables, Regulators, and Mounting Brackets that are custom-designed to support various aircraft ventilation requisites.

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At SAS, we’re proficient at stocking and distributing only the best quality airplane spare parts and products. It is our responsibility to ensure the efficiency and functionality of each component we sell so that our clients remain free of any troubles while performing their jobs.