It has been so long since we have embarked on this beautiful journey as one of the leading service providers of aviation solutions. Ever since its inception, Seattle Aviation Solutions has had a great transition over the years, accompanied by tremendous enterprise growth and enhanced brand visibility. We were able to accomplish our missions and visions through our team’s untiring hard work and perseverance.

With the company’s goals becoming more specific day after day, we realized that there is no time like the present for taking our business to the next level.

On this account, we forged a well-planned decision to relocate our headquarters from Bothel to a colossal facility at Redmond and have subsequently made the switch on 25th August. The decision was the product of several discussions we had, intending to transform ourselves for the benefit of our clients.

Check out our current address:

18103 NE 68th Street, Suite C200,

Redmond, WA 98052

Embracing the changes

We reckon this change as an opportunity to become more equipped than we already are so that our clientele scattered all over the world can have a better shot at finding and accessing the finest of aircraft spare parts and repair management services from SAS. Our entire business has been digitized and automated to make sure that our customers face no troubles during the purchase of aircraft parts from our inventory. The absolute success of this event will be a great advantage to further our ‘soaring and growing beyond the boundaries’ aspiration.

Facility & location attributes

Our warehouse in the new head office incorporates a spacious infrastructure for stocking airplane spare parts methodically. The inventory has aircraft spares and accessories that can be purchased online through the SAS Online portal. From receiving to shipping, we have streamlined every procedure with the support of the latest software to improve the company’s overall performance. 

We believe that this refreshing environment, coupled with a generous workspace for the growing headcount, could certainly enhance the productivity and efficiency of our employees as well as our business. 

It is worth mentioning that the location we have moved into is ideal for fast shipping and delivery since it is in proximity to the shipping hubs such as FedEx, DHL, and UPS. Moving to Redmond has opened a vast opportunity for us to meet new prospects in the area, which could be a crucial factor for the growth of our aircraft spare parts services in the present location.

This well-planned program has given us an opening to rebuild and revive; to become a better version of ourselves. We will make sure that our new energy and potential will be effectively spent on bringing great things to the table that would benefit not only our team at Seattle Aviation Solutions but also a great many customers we have all across the world and will have in the future.

With your support and motivation, we will continue to provide you with our unparalleled aviation support for years to come.