Modern illumination technology has a lot to contribute when it comes to aviation lighting. It is the advancements in this arena that swept aside power-consuming illumination devices, replacing them with high-performing LED systems that can offer better brightness and comfiness compared to the former. Though our company’s primary focus lies on providing quality spare parts to the patrons, we contentedly meet the needs of aircraft operators by being a single-source supplier of well-equipped LED solutions sourced directly from the frontline aviation light manufacturers, PWI Inc. 

Our stock incorporates a broad array of high-quality PWI light fittings for Business Jets, military aviation, commercial and regional aviation programs. Based on the type of aircraft, there are separate solutions available at SAS inventory for cockpits, cabins, and airplane exterior; offering diverse options for each section. Having suitable light fittings can deliver a better light experience for passengers and pilots which is exactly what our clients would want by purchasing from SAS, and which is exactly what we aim to fulfill. 

PWI LED lighting inside aeroplance

Among the comprehensive airplane illuminating assemblage we provide at SAS, the LED Replacement Reading lights, King Air Upgrades, and Fluorescent Lighting hold a good reputation in the industry and is a primary choice for numerous aircraft owners, owing to their unwavering performance over the years and maintenance-friendly features. 

The Replacement Reading Lights can work as a cost-effective solution for those who prefer to upgrade their aircraft by keeping the old fixtures with minor alterations. These LED bulbs are specially designed to fit into the fixtures of incandescent bulbs. They consume less power to deliver high performance and produce low radiated heat in the process which makes them safe to touch while operating. Providing better directional lighting and 100K hours of life, these packages work exceptionally well for all kinds of aircraft alike, without spoiling the aesthetic traits of the interior.

As for the King Air Upgrades, we stock advanced LED products that are remarkably immune to plane tremors. Due to various factors like Aerodynamics, mechanical motions, and atmospheric disturbances, an airplane is likely to experience vibrations from time to time. Light fixtures and fittings that fail to survive such unstable situations might lead to complete breakdowns, leaving the cabins and cockpits in the gloom. The situation can get worse if the breakdown occurs during night-time flights. Since these products include solid-state lights, they can withstand vibrations and shaky environments to a great extent. By embracing PWI upgrades, you can ensure the stable-illumination inside your King Air at all times.

PWI one LED light used inside aircraft

PWI Inc holds 45 years of expertise in manufacturing reliable and high-performing fluorescent lighting. There are more than 1800 varieties of fluorescent illuminating options available at our depot which can be purchased at budget-friendly rates. From lavatory to galley lights, you can choose any fitting you find suitable for your aircraft interior at SAS. No matter what type of fixed-wing or rotorcraft program you would need the light assemblage for, we will make sure that your order is attended at the earliest and the products are delivered on time.

Give a fresh radiance to your fleets with premium products from Seattle Aviation Solutions.