As a business person, it can be quite hard for you to go on frequent trips, attending multiple conferences without having enough time to rest. Of course, the traveling part is feasible when you have your Beechcraft King Air ready to take you to places right away and keep up with tight schedules. However, owning a private aircraft and keeping them properly maintained and prepared to take off the minute you want, is a huge responsibility you might not want to shoulder alone. With SAS’s dependable services alongside, you can relax and perform your business operations while we deal with the requirements of your airplane efficiently. Here are the top four maintenance services SAS can assist you with. 

Spare parts supply 

Seattle Aviation Solutions has a long-standing experience in the field of spare parts and accessories distribution for popular models: King Air 200 / 250 / 350, Beechcraft 260, Super King Air variants, and many more. Since we are the direct distributors of Textron Aviation products, you can remain assured of the quality of the spares we will provide at competitive prices for your airplane. Moreover, our firm prides itself on maintaining a well-trained team of professional engineers and technicians who excel at comprehending nose-to-tail aspects of all models and are committed to providing AOG support anytime you need it.       

Beechcraft 260 textron aviation

Routine Monitoring

When it comes to the maintenance of a private plane, the first thing to acknowledge is ensuring the condition of each component of the aircraft. Whether you are someone who travels by plane rarely or frequently, regular monitoring is required to evaluate the performance of aircraft engines, avionics, and necessary parts, since a minor failure in the functioning of any of these will be enough to pose as a threat to your safety while traveling. In response to your request, we can quickly send our service personnel to carry out the routine checks and accurately inform you of your airplane’s performance rate and required rectifications. 

Inventory Management 

Our company’s services are not limited to procuring and stocking OEM parts for you. We can also assist you in maintaining a well-equipped inventory on your own by tracking aircraft part requirements, keeping accurate financial records, estimating future demands, and thus establishing an organized inventory with no excess components or extra expenses. Our inventory management system will regularly notify your inventory’s current status, inform you what parts to order and when to order according to stock records. This way, you can make sure that the components you need for your aircraft are always available at your place. In case there occurs an urgent requirement for out-of-stock items, SAS can deliver them at short notice.

Aeroplane spares arranged in the shape of an aeroplane

AOG Assistance

Once you avail of our maintenance services, it is not likely that we will let you encounter an AOG situation. Nevertheless, since aviation is as unpredictable as it can be, you will invariably have SAS at your disposal, anytime, anywhere, in case your King Air is unable to leave the ground due to technical difficulties. Our expert AOG Support team will be there at the earliest to detect the issue, repair/ replace spares, and make sure that your plane is airborne again in no time.