Pandemic impacts on aviation

In light of the recent surveys, the airline industry has been recognized as one of the most affected sectors in the pandemic impacts. There remains a continued situation of multiple fleets being dismantled and recycled for spares after being grounded for long periods due to the resuming travel restrictions of COVID 19. However, on the other hand, the increase in the availability of aircraft devices and components from dismantled airplanes is working as a tempting factor for aircraft owners to purchase them at cheap rates. Even though the opportunity to buy aircraft components is a real deal, what strikes more is the increased difficulty in distinguishing the quality-assured materials from the lot.

How to ensure the quality of spares while purchasing?

Over the years, SAS has been at the forefront in supplying spares and related services for all types of Beechcraft King Air models, and even during the pandemic situation, the company has never once lapsed in handling the orders placed by the customers across the world. 

By advancing a well-organized warehousing capability and consistent collaboration with the Original manufacturers, Textron Aviation, SAS has managed to acquire and stock certified OEM parts such as Airframes, Hardware, Fuel pumps, Engine instruments & transmitters, Wheels, Brakes, and an enormous assemblage of related items for all popular models. As we do business with no intermediary entity between us and the OEMs, the products delivered from our depot are quality-checked; their competence tested and verified before stocking and delivery.

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Beechcraft King Air capabilities at SAS:

  • Parts profusion & Timely delivery
  • Online Shop for aviation materials
  • Expanding Distribution Network 

->Parts profusion & Timely delivery

Our warehouse is home to a vast collection of spares and associated components for King Air 200, 260, 300, 360ER, 360, and C90GTx. The expanse of our inventory space allows stocking of aircraft components in extensive quantities which is extremely handy for performing quick and bulk deliveries. The items unavailable at the warehouse are easily obtained from the OEM warehouse and are delivered to the customers within the stipulated time.

->Online Shop for aviation materials

Purchasing parts from SAS is quite effortless since you can swiftly place your orders through our eCommerce platform. Our online shop lets you have direct access to our live inventory, where you can browse and select the necessary items from the comprehensive list. Our warehouses accommodate over 300000 spare parts for King Air including engines, airframes, consumables, avionics, and rotables for both old and recent models. Apart from the components, you can also avail of our repair, inventory management, and MRO services

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->Worldwide Distribution Network 

Besides the headquarters based in Redmond, Seattle Aviation Solutions has two massive warehouses and several sales offices operating in major cities of the United States, U.A.E, Turkey, India, Egypt, and Spain. With our worldwide distribution network that ensures easy accessibility of parts anywhere in the world, we are able to provide our consistent services more efficiently and at a very quick pace to our clients.  

There may exist numerous other entities offering the same services in the industry, but the level of commitment we have for our customers in providing products of high standards and making sure that your needs are fulfilled with 100% satisfaction is what sets us apart from them.