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SAS‘s goals are unquestionably customer-oriented. Being a worldwide service provider of steadfast aviation solutions, we are committed to fulfilling your airplane requirements as effectively as possible. We aspire to remain as number one choice in the industry for customers all around the world by addressing their aircraft needs quickly and accurately, tailoring our services according to their changing demands, and maintaining an inventory that holds nose-to-tail aircraft components so that they have around-the-clock access to the best spare parts and maintenance services, all from the same, reliable service providers, that is Seattle Aviation Solutions.

SAS catalog expanding with the new dealerships

Our recent association with PPG Aerospace has only increased the possibilities of providing more assorted aircraft items to our patrons.

PPG Aerospace, the industry leaders known for their unique and comprehensive portfolio encompasses a myriad of products from PRC-DeSoto International Sierracin/Sylmar Corp and Eldorado Chemicals. Their products include top-quality sealants, coatings, composite transparencies, paint removal & cleaning chemicals, packaging & application systems which you can purchase effortlessly from our warehouse along with spare parts and other accessories.

It is not just the convenience of purchasing several items at once from a single source that makes SAS the ideal agency to approach, but the supremacy of the product quality and prompt services we maintain to contentedly meet your aviation requisites.

PPG product from SAS

PPG Aerospace products:


The windows and windshield assemblage of PPG are generally well-suited for all sections of aviation. The transparencies are carefully designed with glass, acrylic, and polycarbonate substrates to achieve the desired effects. Coatings and liners made using advanced technology are also included in the manufacture of windows to give increased competence and performance.

Transparent armor and specialty products

Airplanes are susceptible to unexpected events of crashes and blasts, be it minor or major in terms of intensity. Transparent armors are capable of offering enhanced protection against such severe blows when the situation demands. We have Securitect® and OmniArmor® Transparent Armor and specialty products to cater to this requirement.

Coatings, Paint removers, and Cleaners

A comprehensive range of Eldorado aircraft coatings comprising primers and topcoats in standard, metallic and special effect mica colors for almost all types of airframes are now provided at SAS. Apart from offering excellent application features, UV resistance, and color stability, it also embraces a Selectively Strippable System to ensure long-standing performance and easy paint-removal. You can also purchase efficient cleaners for interior and exterior applications.-

PPG paints for different uses


Our PPG Sealants collection encompasses PRC® and Pro-Seal™ which have extensive applications in plane parts such as fuel tanks, aircraft mating surfaces, and windshields. The items are available in premixed & frozen form as well as custom sealants like PRC® seal caps and PRC® FIP Strip for special purposes.


Customized Packaging of adhesives, sealants, and coatings are extremely helpful when it comes to storing them conveniently before and after their application on airplanes. Equipment such as dispensing guns, mixers, cartridges nozzles, and syringes in our stock facilitates accurate utilization of items meanwhile creating less amount of mess.

By incorporating more and more aviation solutions in our warehouses, SAS is becoming one of the world’s best aviation solution providers, you can readily depend on any time of the day to get your airplane needs to be done with perfection.