Safety for those who prepare!

Every time you travel in an airplane, it is an adventure. Being thousands of feet above the ground, solely placing your trust in technology, it can be hard to deny that there is a minor risk involved in flying, which makes it an adventure. The risk factor can be overlooked, considering the numerous benefits we receive from aviation and the almost perfect functioning of airplanes. But even then, there is the interference of unpredictable natural phenomena we might face during flights for which we can do nothing much but stay prepared with essential safety equipment on board. The ACR ResQLink View Survival Kit from Seattle Aviation Solutions is a robust security measure you can always rely on during your expeditions to ensure your safety in an unexpected event of an emergency.

What is an ACR ResQLink View Survival Kit?

Survival equipment comes in wide varieties. As we all know, it is not necessarily a single device that would successfully perform the task of informing the rescuers. The factors like your location, time, and weather condition will also determine the type of signal to be employed so as to confirm the chances of your survival. The ResQLink View Survival Kit assembled by renowned safety equipment manufacturers, ACR Electronics, incorporates a compilation of five essential rescue-signaling devices that are applicable for different situations.

1) ResQLink View™ Personal Locator Beacon 

This buoyant personal locator beacon is designed to occupy smaller spaces while performing a much bigger task which is ensuring your safety. The locator has a robust built-in digital display that shows live beacon status and GPS coordinates through remarkable satellite precision on activation. It will send instant alerts to the rescuers within 100 meters or less of your location, regardless of the scene you are in; whether it’s land, air, or water.

ResQLink View™ Personal Locator Beacon distributed by Seattle aviation solutions

2) C-Strobe™ H2O Rescue Light  

This USCG/SOLAS approved rescue light is a 45 lumen LED that is capable of operating continuously for up to 120 hours when there is a requirement of distress lighting. What makes these compact and lightweight light devices more ideal is the impact-resistant cases in which they come and the cleverly-designed lashing loops which allow them to be mounted anywhere; slide over your inflatable life jacket, attach them to your backpack straps, wherever you want. Finally, as the name suggests, the device can be automatically activated once immersed in water.

C-Strobe™ H2O Rescue Light  distributed by Seattle aviation solutions

3) Res-Q™ Whistle 

Where light signals aren’t helping, sound signals might. The WW-3 Res-Q™ Whistle included in the kit is specially developed to produce a shrill dual-tone up to 100 decibels. Since this sound is audible over great distances, rescuers can easily pick up and follow the sound to spot your location. The whistle comes extremely handy if you are lost in places with dense vegetation, where searching by looking is tedious and difficult. Moreover, the whistle has a compact and unique flat design which prevents it from holding water and can be easily attached to jackets or backpack using its 31.5 inches (80 cm) lanyard.

Res-Q™ Whistle distributed by seattle aviation solutions

4) Signal Mirror

Since an emergency can occur at any time of the day, it is wise to carry multiple signaling equipment that can be used alternatively during day and night. While the ACR Strobe light is already there to signal the rescuers during the nighttime or underwater, the signal mirror can be used when the event happens during the day. The mirror has a cross pattern in the center which allows the sunlight to pass through the mirror which reflects off the mirror holder’s body and this light is again reflected off the mirror to the viewer’s eyes.

Signal mirror to alert potential rescuers

The signaling devices can be conveniently carried inside a RapidDitch Drybag that comes along with the kit, which holds floating and lightweight features.