Aircraft of all sorts are expected to be vulnerable to erosion at some point in their journeys since they travel at an average speed of approximately 500 mph through the air where various eroding agents are abundant. While paints or substrate composite are effective in protecting the leading edges of an airplane to a certain extent, it is very unlikely that they would maintain their capability as robust shields for long. Aircraft Erosion Protection Boots, on the other hand, guarantee a durable and cost-effective solution for safeguarding airplane exterior parts owing to their many advantageous features. In order to make this viable option available to our global clientele, Seattle Aviation Solutions has assembled the finest of wearing-resistant masks from the foremost erosion protection product manufacturers, PM Research.

Having the expertise of 45 years in manufacturing top-notch boots for over 350 aircraft models, PM Research is in full swing to incorporate advanced characteristics into their existing products and further their airplane model range. The quality of the PM boots is maintained to the highest standards with their specialized in-house machinery & tooling and proficient

Erosion boot from Seattle aviation solution

engineers/technicians for manufacturing 100% custom-designed products. Radome boots, Leading Edge tapes, Antenna Masks, and Complete Erosion kits are the major PM Research products we are currently shipping from our depots.

Radome Boots

Radomes are subjected the most to the eroding-agents in the air than the other exposed exteriors of an airplane. The agents such as dust, moisture, ice particles, wind, and rain, which might seem unharming at the first look, are highly capable of eroding and peeling the protective paint layers off the radomes when the speed factor of flight also comes into the picture. However, the PM Radome boots coming with its non-yellowing polyurethane film, which are custom-manufactured according to the dimensions of the plane models, offer exceptionally strong and durable outer protection to the nose of airplanes and helicopters by blocking all sorts of eroding agents and preventing abrasion possibilities. 

Leading Edge Tape

Even though the nose suffers the most of it, the abrasion-possibilities of leading edges aren’t any lesser. The harsh impact of the agents can leave the flat edges with unpleasant traces which cuts back on the aesthetics of the plane. At SAS, we have an impressive selection of leading-edge tapes made up of clear adhesive 0.012″ thick polyurethane films, which is available in un-formed (straight) tape and five different widths for protection on any flat leading edge including wing edges, horizontal tail, landing gear, etc. The products also boast of their advanced automotive abrasion protection capabilities.

Edge tapes for erosion boot from SAS

Antenna Masking

Antennas are pivotal in aircraft communication. Damages of any impact on antennas have to be avoided at all cost to ensure smooth and effective communication between the flight and ground office. This includes the prevention of abrasion in antennas and the unwelcome repair expenses that follow it. PM Antenna masking offers an ideal solution to this issue in the form of nearly invisible boots that are specifically designed for easy installation on antennas which provide exceptional durability. The optimized thickness of the mask is almost invisible, which allows the antennas to appear as they usually do. Moreover, the masks are UV stabilized during their production to eliminate the yellowing of their surface over time.

Antenna masking for antenna protection of aircraft

Complete Erosion Kits

The kits included in our PM stock encompass a full selection of abrasion protection items that is required for the preservation of all high-erosion areas of an airplane. Upon sharing the details regarding your aircraft model, we will provide the kit which carries streamlined masks and tapes that match the dimensions of that specified model, at competitive rates. The products come with 3D plastic support which makes it easy to apply them directly to the surface. With the high-strength adhesive products that guarantee a secure installation for years, you can be assured of the safety of your airplane exterior for a long time.