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Buy Aerox ‘Build my Portable System’ from SAS

Aerox oxygen mask from Seattle aviation solutions

Venturing into high altitudes invites the chances of Hypoxia in pilots as well as in passengers. Hypoxia is a condition that is defined by the lack of oxygen in a person’s body which causes clumsy body movements, mild headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, etc. Since Hypoxia affects the brain the most, it follows with the trickiest […]

Ensure Aircraft Erosion protection with SAS

Aircraft Erosion protection

Aircraft of all sorts are expected to be vulnerable to erosion at some point in their journeys since they travel at an average speed of approximately 500 mph through the air where various eroding agents are abundant. While paints or substrate composite are effective in protecting the leading edges of an airplane to a certain […]

ACR ResQLink View Survival Kit from SAS

ACR ResQLink View Survival Kit from SAS

Safety for those who prepare! Every time you travel in an airplane, it is an adventure. Being thousands of feet above the ground, solely placing your trust in technology, it can be hard to deny that there is a minor risk involved in flying, which makes it an adventure. The risk factor can be overlooked, […]

PPG Products from SAS: Transparencies, Coatings and more

PPG paints for aeroplane

We only have happy clients! SAS‘s goals are unquestionably customer-oriented. Being a worldwide service provider of steadfast aviation solutions, we are committed to fulfilling your airplane requirements as effectively as possible. We aspire to remain as number one choice in the industry for customers all around the world by addressing their aircraft needs quickly and […]