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Commercial Aviation Spare Parts

The troubles of running an airline are many. The manpower and the machinery you employ must ensure good returns for you to stay in the business. It goes without saying that the fortunes of airlines depend upon the state of aircraft they have in their fleet. If your aircraft is on the ground for maintenance and not flying, you are losing money. SAS can help you plug the gaps by providing the spare parts and services you require. We can be your single point of contact for all services required to get your aircraft up and flying in no time.

We understand that in the Commercial Aviation Industry, the cost factor is the top priority. That’s why we help businesses by delivering supplies that strictly adhere to international quality standards but don't break the bank. With us, you can make sure that you are paying only for what you require and not a cent more. We offer nose-to-tail material supply for all commercial airliners, including wide-body, narrow-body, regional airliners, and commuterliners.

Airplane spare parts and services we provide are evaluated for their performance under many environmental variables such as torsion, compression, thermal & electrical resistance and conductivity, and corrosion, among many others. Key players in this industry are aware of the dilemma that there are more and more options to choose from for any particular requirement related to aircraft materials. Seattle Aviation Solution’s reputation as a trusted supplier for aviation materials helps businesses to confide in us for the best & efficient equipment. Our offerings include:


For the uninitiated, the mechanical structure of an aircraft is known as the airframe. We provide airframes and components including that for the fuselage, undercarriage, empennage, and wings. Supplies for almost all aircraft applications, including business jet, regional, and large body business are provided.

Landing Gears

For whenever it is in use, no other component can endure high stresses like the landing gears. It is one of the most often replaced components of an airplane. We offer landing gear structures made with Aluminum, Titanium & Steel alloys which provide better safe life periods. These are tested for their performance & durability and can hold up the structural integrity.


The electronic items used in the air industry for navigation, communication, and the display of systems is subject to strict rules and regulations of the FAA. Since it is a broad area and many of the products themselves are made up of multiple electronic sections, it is quite possible that not everything you look for will be readily available in the market. But we try to deliver to you, most of the commonly used parts and equipment for navigation support and comms.

Ground Power Units

We offer fixed or mobile GPUs which can be connected to the electrical system of your airplane while on the ground to provide electricity. When AOG, GPUs are required for the inspection and repair of the airplane as its power systems may not be helpful.


Testing and instrumentation is quintessential to airline operators. These products can help you determine the safety of flight. These are imperative to detect and rectify any technical issues that might otherwise leave your airplane grounded for long. With SAS, it is now easy for you to get hold of automated testing apparatus which does more work in less time.


If you are in need of a replacement or a new assembly of engine for your airplane, then you need it delivered fast. It is impossible to think that your carrier would be still up and running if you are in need of spares of engines because this is one of the most crucial components of your flying machine. Piston engines or Gas turbines, SAS can get you it all.

Auxiliary Power Units

APUs powers your aircraft while it is on the ground. They are also what is required to start up the main engines of the flying machines. We can offer you the best of fixed-wing, rotary-wing APUs from all major manufacturers in the industry such as Honeywell and United Technologies.


Line Replaceable Units are essential items which can be replaced at the site to ensure that the aerial vehicles quickly return to service. At SAS, you can get new LRUs while we also offer service or repair of damaged items. LRUs are further made up of Lower Line Replaceable Unit(LLRU) or Line Maintenance Parts (LMP).

Computers & Technical Tools

With the computational capabilities of electronics growing manifold while shrinking in its size, it has become an essential part of all major flying machines. The heads up display unit can convey crucial and necessary info to the pilot. You can find a wide range of technical accessories and parts in our inventory.

Personnel Support Equipment

Commercial operators need to have proper support devices installed to maximize their fleets’ profitability. These procedures help to minimize downtime and prolong your equipment's service life. SAS helps you to procure support devices and tools that fit the bill