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PM Research

PM Research is a world leading manufacturer of erosion protection products for aircraft.

PM Research manufactures the very best in quality and offers erosion boots to cover over 350 models of aircraft – and that number is growing every day! For over 45 years our manufacturing and quality control processes have been streamlined and perfected to be the absolute best in the market. Their erosion boots are manufactured in house with specialized machinery and tooling that was 100% custom designed and built by our top-notch staff of engineers and technicians.

PM Research erosion boots are the simplest and most cost-effective solution that can save you thousands of maintenance dollars by eliminating damage to high erosion areas on your aircraft such as radomes, navigation light lenses, wing root fairings, horizontal stabilizer tips, tail fairings, spinners, etc.

  • Radome Boots
  • Leading Edge Tape
  • Antenna Masking
  • Helicopter Boots
  • Complete Erosion Kits