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Protection RT
Aviation Fire Extinguishers - Liquefied Gas Portable Extinguishers

Protection R.T. Inc (PRT ) is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of Fire Protection Equipment and is an extension of Incendex Inc. who developed the first Canadian liquefied gas blend fire extinguishers in the mid-eighties and whose name has been retained for use on many of PRT’s products.


PRT specializes in the manufacture and sales of liquefied gas portable extinguishers for the Aviation Industry and Military. PRT produces a wide range of these type of units, ranging from the smallest 400g (0.88 lb) portable to the 10Kg (22 lb) unit with ten others in between. They also manufacture the standard range of ABC and BC type dry chemical portables.


  • RT-A400
  • RT-A600
  • Model #1000
  • RT-A1200
  • Model #1600