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Military Ground Support

Apart from providing parts, components, and services for Military Airplanes, SAS also focuses on ground support equipment for military aviation operations. While base operations for the special forces’ activities need to be foolproof under all circumstances and durable across the harshest environmental factors, they also have to be easy to operate.

Time and human resources are crucial to military actions. These components should not be demanding a large number of people to operate while taking serious time to learn its mode of operation. We provide a wide range of articles for the armed forces; from the generic stuff capable of servicing many different sorts of aircraft to the items which are specially earmarked for the army, such as the components used to load ordnance.

SAS is your one-stop solution for sourcing high-end ground support equipment for your military agencies. The most latest and most efficient equipment from the industry are available at SAS. You can find out the range of equipment and components we provide for the military down below.


While compared to a traditional airport where commercial airliners function, armed forces’ aviation activities can take place at a range of locations; from an impenetrable military base to a makeshift airstrip. Ground power units mobilize all such activities. We provide you with equipment and parts which can power up your military actions even across the harshest of locations.


Testing and instrumentation devices are essential to ensure the safety of air force airplanes and pilots. These devices can help you determine whether your airplane is capable of assault operations or to assess the impact of damages they have suffered in training or during a mission. These are imperative to detect and rectify any technical issues that might otherwise leave your aircraft grounded for long. We offer automated testing devices which do more work in less time.


The special forces is often the first user of applications built on the back of the latest innovations and breakthroughs in science and technology. Computers and technical instruments are an essential part of army aircraft for navigation, communication, and military offense & defense. You can find a wide range of technical instruments and parts here at SAS.


Military aircraft operators need to have proper aiding apparatus installed to ensure the safety of their personnel. Army pilots operate in some of the toughest environmental conditions and all aboard the ship must be equipped to safely survive any unfortunate scenarios. SAS helps you to procure personal aid devices and tools that fit the bill.