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Commercial Ground Support

Commercial aviation operators need the best of components to reduce the downtime of their airplane and to properly maintain the ones in service. Competition in the industry is always growing and one way you can stay ahead of the rest is by being prudent in the purchase of parts and components. SAS offers you quality ground support instruments at some of the lowest possible prices in the market. Whatever ground support equipment or spare part you are looking for, you will probably find it at SAS before anywhere else.

These instruments for the civil aviation industry must be simple to operate. If an average aviation operator has to spend plenty of time training their staff to learn to operate these devices, it will only add more red to their accounts. The pricing and ease of use of components are major factors in the purchase of the same.

We provide ground support devices that are quality tested and conform to international and national regulations. If you are in need of new parts or overhauled components to replace your ground equipment, reach out to us. We provide affordable solutions without compromising quality.


GPUs mobilize the handling of commercial aircraft on ground. SAS offers you fixed or mobile units that can be connected to the electrical system of your aircraft while at the base to provide electric power. When AOG, GPUs are required to power up the inspection and repair damaged parts.


Testing and instrumentation devices are quintessential to flight operators. These instruments can help you determine the safety of flight. These are imperative to detect and rectify any technical issues that might otherwise leave your airplane grounded for long. With SAS, it is now easy for you to get hold of automated testing tools which does more work in less time.


Computer-based electronic devices are used to relay continuous information from traffic control towers. All major communication apparatus in the cockpit and other electronic instruments for navigation are available at SAS. Pilots need to be provided with a lot of information regarding the status of the aircraft and that of the environment to ensure a safe and smooth passage.


All sorts of flight operators need to have proper protection equipment installed to ensure the safety of their personnel and passengers aboard. Some of the commercial aircraft fly larger distances and could come up against unexpected turbulence or environmental conditions. All aboard the ship must be equipped to safely survive any unfortunate scenarios.