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Contract Management

Aviation upkeep contracting involves production and service contracting procedures. Many Airlines today outsource most of their operations and personnel in a bid for cost control. Important Maintenance & Engineering functions such as the Base, Engine, Shop and even Line maintenance are being outsourced. SAS helps you with the outsourcing of almost all aviation industry operations with Contract Management. We provide customizable service contracts to help our customers make the most out of these deals, basically to find a win-win situation for the both of us.

Important Value Levelers of Supplier Contracts

Work scope, pricing and service levels are essentially the three value levelers for Supplier contracts. We are keen on properly defining the scope of work and pricing for the whole contract right at the very beginning. We define the right KPIs (key performance indicators) related to the services we would like to offer within the work scope and to what levels we will deliver these services is also acknowledged. Such a practice helps to provide our customers with a clear understanding of what they are going to get with an agreement from SAS.

Contracts for Spares Support

It is ingeniously simple, with a basic spares support program, SAS is contracted to offer you a particular list of parts at a previously informed price range and lead time, whenever required. We maintain a range of aviation spare parts in our warehouses around the world and by entrusting us to provide you with almost all of the commonly required components, you can relieve yourself from the trouble of having to go out and search for a supplier at any crucial time. The scope of our spares support also covers exchanges, loans, etc. With ITM (inventory technical management), we extend spares support to include repair, float management and CAMO services for repairable and rotable units.

Repair Services

From the spares contract where we commit ourselves to provide you with any of previously agreed upon list of spare parts, the repair services contract can span from standard fixed price for part services to pay-by-the-hour. The range of repairs is huge. You can just have a small issue with any of the aircraft components which can be repaired in a few minutes. Complete overhaul of certain components or parts systems can even fall under the domain of repairs. So, we try to define the range of our repairs agreement first.

Airframe Services

With Airframe Maintenance Contracts, we offer complete servicing across Line Maintenance, Base Maintenance, Cabin Retrofit, Lease return, Repainting, etc. We clearly define what all falls under the scope of this arrangement and how much it costs for in the contract.