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Military Aircraft Parts

Seattle Aviation Solutions is proud to have the opportunity and the license to serve international military operators. In contrast to the popular opinion which equates military to war, the forces of most nations are more engaged in peacetime activities. They are actively involved in natural disaster relief activities and are often the frontline warriors in search & rescue, transporting scores of people from affected sites, bringing essential supplies, and much more humanitarian acts.

Supplies to the armed forces have to abide by strict quality control measures, and hence the whole differentiation into military-grade. We offer a range of military aviation parts and equipment. We understand that for the military aviation industry, weight and quality are of paramount importance. Cost factor steps down and performance assumes priority.

With SAS, you can rest assured that you will not require to reach out to multiple agencies for different spares and parts. We already do that job for you as we continuously source a wide variety of equipment and spare parts for our clients and collect it under a single roof. SAS will provide you with military-grade, genuine spare parts at a minimal cost and on time. Our supplies for the special forces include the following items:


Military airplanes often operate in dangerous environmental conditions. The airframe is the mechanical structure of an aircraft and is exposed to all threats. It requires periodic repairs and upgrades. SAS provides airframe parts and components including that for the fuselage, undercarriage, empennage, and wings of the aircraft.


To endure the enormous stress of the whole aircraft, landing gear structures must have high static strength, good fracture toughness and fatigue strength. SAS offers landing gear structures made with Titanium & High-strength Steel alloys which provide better safe life periods. These are tested for their performance & durability and can hold up the structural integrity.


Many electronic systems are used in the Air Force airplanes for navigation, communication, and the data display. While the main goal of the pilot of a civil airplane is to safely transport the people aboard, the Air Force pilot can have totally different jobs to do. We can deliver to you, most of the commonly used avionics parts and equipment for martial aviation.


Tactical equipment are crucial for military aviation in the success of their key operations. Tactical equipment are designed for offensive and/ or defensive duties. Procurement of any such parts and components are highly regulated. We are a certified player with expertise in serving operators.


The army is always on its toes, ready to act whenever called upon. It is only befitting that the armed forces’ air fleet is always ready to soar the altitudes whenever required. If you are in need of a replacement or a new assembly of engine for your airplane, then you need it delivered fast. Piston engines or Gas turbines, we can get you it all

Auxiliary Power Units

Auxiliary Power Unit powers your aircraft while it is on the ground. They are also what is required to start up the main engines of the flying machines. SAS offers you the best of fixed-wing, rotary-wing APUs from all major manufacturers in the industry such as Honeywell and United Technologies.


Line Replaceable Units are essential components that can be replaced at the site to ensure that the aircraft quickly returns to service. At SAS, you can get new LRUs while we also offer service or repair of damaged units. LRUs are further made up of Lower Line Replaceable Units (LLRUs) or Line Maintenance Parts (LMPs).