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Military Aviation Services

The Military force is a prized asset of any nation. Many view the military as the personification of patriotism. SAS is a certified supplier of equipment and services to the Military Aviation sector. We are glad to bring the best, fastest, lightest yet strongest parts and components for aircrafts operating with the armed forces. To help army, navy and air force pilots in their toughest missions and to always keep them ready for every next mission is our goal.

Military Aircraft Maintenance Contracts

Our Military Services include comprehensive maintenance solutions for the military to ensure maximum operational capacity at all times. We undertake contracts from special forces to help in the maintenance, repair and overhaul of all sorts of components of a typical martial airplane. Our material servicing ensures every engine is maintained to our meticulous design standards. We also extend our services to all major special forces from around the globe.

Common & Specialty Part Supplier

SAS is a primary supplier of Engines, Airframe, APUs, Tactical Equipment, and a host of other components for the army in the USA and the UAE. We maintain stock of most common parts associated with the aircraft industry and also have stock of specialized instruments and devices for the armed forces. We also offer forecasting, planning, and logistics support to improve material delivery and optimize inventory levels for clients from the military aviation sector.

Original Equipment, Highest Quality

With years of experience, we can now confidently take up any requirement from the major agencies around the world. Our partnerships with OEMs guarantees peace of mind for our clients in that there will be no compromise on quality. We have positioned ourselves as a business-to-business partner with all major manufacturers in the aerospace industry. With an appetite to bring the best in the market to the table, we continue to collaborate with key players in the military aviation industry.