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MRO Solutions

The maintenance, repair, and overhaul is a critical requirement to ensure the safety and continued usability of an aircraft or its component by international standards. SAS have established full-service aircraft servicing, repair and overhaul facilities to cater to the MRO requirements of the aviation industry operators.

With our MRO solutions, you can improve the functional life of your aircraft, reduce the incessant need for parts replacement, service and repair airplane and aviation parts. We can provide you efficient and affordable service on equipment from any manufacturer. If required, we can completely overhaul your equipment and install it with such prowess that it almost matches the performance of a brand new one.

By employing the IoT technology, we can offer efficient condition-based servicing for your equipment and components. Our in-house facilities provide us insights to identify and apply better maintenance techniques to keep your aircraft operational per the security standards. With SAS, you can get on site maintenance and repairs, and we can customize our MRO operations to best suit your requirements. Our capabilities and operations are varied and diverse. We provide everything from test benches to tooling.


We offer you Test benches involving hydraulics, mechanicals, electromechanicals, electronics, pneumatics, motors, and digital automation. All major sorts of inspection benches handled at SAS for the aviation industry are equipped with electronic components for data collection, control and communication purposes. Get accurate measurements and component overhauls done with inspection benches.


We provide MRO tools for scheduled line and base maintenance activities to aviation industry operators around the world. Tasks such as structural inspections ensure that airplanes are safe to fly whenever required. We offer the best of tools to perform these tasks which prevent and detect structural damage, help in repair or overhaul of parts and components.


The right sort of engine test cells are required to inspect and assess the performance levels and working conditions of aircraft engines. Based on our customers’ requirements, we design, install, and maintain gas-turbine engine cells for turbofan, turboprop, and turboshaft engines.


Get the best borescope from SAS to carry out visual inspections of your airplane engines. We offer borescopes that can scan the interiors of gas-turbine engines. You can determine the internal condition of the airplane engine and make solid decisions based on that. We trade borescopes that can record the interiors in detail and HD video quality.