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Repair Management

Putting together proficiency and experience in regards to the technical aspects of aviation, SAS's servicing and management team delivers full-fledged aircraft repair and overhaul services to the patrons on a global scale. Regardless of your location, our operations can be conveniently availed by way of SAS Online portal system, which allows you to comfortably request our repair services according to your budget.

We support every major airline in the United States as well as UAE, by providing timely assistance to each organization, irrespective of their sizes. The essential equipment assortment required for the maintenance activities is comprehensively catered from our well-organized inventory, supplying spare parts including airframes, flight engines, power units, avionics, and safety equipment.

A chance to kill two birds at once!

The need for immediate aircraft consulting mostly comes at the worst of times. The whole process could be in further delay if the spare items required to perform the aircraft servicing are not in stock and need to be purchased and shipped. At SAS, we have professional technicians as well as their extensive aggregation of tools under the same roof, which makes it extremely easy for you to get your hands on two solutions from the same place.

Customer-oriented services

Customer approaches differ from one another. While one client might aspire to get the airplane servicing done a certain way, it's not likely that the other clients would want the same. Our amicable repair management team personnel understand this facet in business and work accordingly to obtain complete satisfaction from our customers.

Well-equipped inventory to cater to your needs

If you're looking for common aviation spare parts, you can find it at SAS. If you're in search of a rare or an old item that you cannot get access to, anywhere else, you can find at SAS. When we say our inventory is as comprehensive as it can be, we mean it. From nose-to-tail, we treasure spare parts ranging from massive airplane body parts to tiny bolts and nuts that would be required for the perfect completion of repair activities.

A full-fledged team with brains and skills

Aircraft servicing is no child's play. These aerial vehicles remain thousands of feet above the ground throughout their journeys and a simple defect in the tiniest of nuts would be more than enough to invite terrible accidents. Exactly the reason why we have only skilled and well-experienced professionals in our repair management wing to provide focused and flawless repairing services to our patrons.